Technical conditions for acceptance of castings


In today’s fast-paced industrial world, where quality is the key to success, “Technical Conditions for Acceptance of Castings” is the foundation for ensuring high quality products. Foundries around the world follow strict procedures and standards to meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements.

Dimensions and Tolerances

Precision casting requires precise adherence to dimensions and tolerances. The dimensional tolerances of castings are crucial to ensure their proper fit and functionality in downstream production. Our foundries use advanced measurement techniques to ensure that each casting meets customer specifications.

Surface Quality

The surface quality of castings is equally important. Defects such as blisters, porosity or mold marks are unacceptable. Our quality control includes detailed visual inspection and technical evaluation methods to ensure that each casting is free of surface defects.

Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties

The chemical composition and mechanical properties of the material are integral to ensuring the durability and strength of the castings. At our foundry, we use only certified raw materials and conduct regular tests to ensure that each casting meets established standards.

Non-Destructive Testing

To ensure the highest quality of our castings, we use a variety of non-destructive testing methods, such as ultrasound and radiography. These techniques allow us to detect internal defects without damaging the casting.

Packaging and Transportation

Safe packaging and transportation of castings is a key part of our process. We ensure that each casting is properly protected so that it reaches the customer intact.


“Technical conditions for the acceptance of castings” at our foundry are a guarantee of the highest quality. By strictly adhering to these standards, we take pride in delivering products that not only meet but often exceed our customers’ expectations.